Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory

The laboratory of medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis is headed by Pro. Bainian Feng, a distinguished professor and Taihu Scholar of  Jianagnan University.  The group is consisted of one professor, five associate professors and three assistants.  Currently, there are several projects going on in four different areas.

· Medicinal Chemistry:


Cardio Vascular


Infectious disese

· Synthetic Methodology:

Green chemistry

New and/or improved manufacture process for generic drugs

Stereo controlled process for drug manufacture

Total synthesis of natural products

· Pharmaceutical analysis:

Establishment of modern analytical methodology for pharmaceuticals

DMPK for new drug research and development

Structure determination of natural products

· Assay development for new drug research and discovery:

Explore new drugable targets

Establishment of enzymatic and cell based assay

Establishment of pharmacological study using isolated organs

Establishment of animal disease model


Technical support: information construction and Management Center

Address: no. 1800, lihu avenue, wuxi, jiangsu, 214122


Contact number:0510-85913623,85913625