Homogeneous Catalysis and Pharmaceutical Synthesis Laboratory

Our research is interested in the development of catalytic transformations and their applications in the pharmaceutical synthesis:


(i) Our major research interests focus on the development of environmentally benign and mechanistic study of transition metal-catalyzed chemical transformations (enantioselective synthesis) and their applications to the synthesis of natural products, biologically relevant compounds and other synthetical useful target molecules. Therefore, these methodology studies will become more attractive strategies to the streamline chemical synthesis.

(ii) Protein kinases have recently emerged as relevant targets for the treatment of diseases ranging from cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular condition to immune related disorders. Thus, over the past decade, more than thirteen small molecule kinase inhibitors have been approved by the FDA as therapeutics for various human pathologies. In this context, the pathway of PI3K-AKT-Mtor consisting of phosphoinositide 3-kinase, protein kinase B and mammalian target of rapamycin plays a prominent role, as they are involved in a number of biologically relevant processes for cancer development including oncogenic regulation, cell signal transduction, and survival among many others. Therefore, synthesis of novel chemotype of PI3K inhibitors is one of our ongoing research points.

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