Drug Design and Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory


Main Research Interests: (1) Study on multidrug resistance mechanismof malignant tumor and molecular pharmacology of new drug targets; (2) Design and druggability study of long-acting recombinant peptide / protein; (3) design and study of biological pest control agent and it’s green manufacture process

The Laboratory has has accumulative experiences ofdesigning and pharmacological research onbiological recombinant protein drug through years of focus on pharmacology and drug safety research. Most of the team members have received recognition at different level of awards, like the National Talent Planning Projects, the Most InnovatedResearch Team by the committee of University League  in Jiangsu Province and formed an international joint laboratory. The laboratory has fully equipped to support teaching and researching functions within the College.  In the past five years, the team members have ledandor participated in the 19 major national and state projects, whichincluding the National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program), the National Key Subject of Drug Innovation, the National Natural Science Foundation of China for International Cooperation Program, the Strategic Pilot Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Amount them 11 of the projects have completed. Collectively the team has also won 3 science and technology progress awards, has filed 11 NDAs to CFDA and has received three approval letters from CFDA, which including one class 1.1 small molecule drug, one class 1 biologicals and one class2 biologicals. There are two class 3 applications under examination by CFDA and 6 medical devices hasreceived approval certificates. Afirst in class ofbiological pest control has successful registeredand received certificate from the Minister of Agriculture Department. Together the team members have published over150 research articles on major scientific journals like PNAS, JBC, Hypertension, Org Lett, ACS Catalysis, Biochem Pharm and Brit J Pharmacol, edited 5 professional books, filed 23 inventional patent applications.


Each year there are 11-13 student enter PhD/Master training program and 10-15 undergraduate studentswork for thesis in the lab.


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Dr. Jin Jian

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Key member of the research group:

Jin, Jian; Chen, Yun; Yang, Zhaoqi; Zhu, Jingyu; Zhu, Ruyu; Cai, Yanfei; Gong,Xiaohai


Research Interests:


(1) Study on multidrug resistance mechanism of malignant tumor and molecular pharmacology of new drug targets

The multidrug resistance (MDR) is the main bottleneck causes anticancer treatmentsfailure. With the support of the national and provincial research fundings and years effort, the team has revealed a new mechanism of tumor MDR, and systematically illustrated the new mechanism related gene expression patterns and signal pathways, provided the solid evidences that highly vesiculation formation around malignant tumor cells, which the tumor cell use the vesicles as a basic barrier to prevent from drug reach to cell. Also this sub-cellular structure serves as MDR messenger to surroundings. Alternatively the team has demonstrated the major roles of non-tumor cell drug-resistance can seriously reduce the efficacy of anticancer drugs, bring new inside view and understanding of MDR. The identification of TrpC5 as a key calcium channel on membrane regulating MDR helps to design the new anticancer target and evaluate the anticancer efficacy. Team also has developed new diagnostic tool for evaluating relationship blood vesicles and MDR and predicted patient’s recovery after treatmen. The team has published 56 research articles on PNAS, JBC, Hypertansion and other journals, received four authorized certificates of national invention patents. Team members has won a series awards including the Young Yangtze River Scholar Award, the National Natural Science Fund for Outstanding YoungProgram winner, the Ministry of Education of the New Century Talent Award and Jiangsu Province Outstanding YoungFund Award. The team reversed  award for the Outstanding Science and Technology Innovation Team Award for Jiangsu University League. Establish and led the joint laboratoryincluding the scientists from other universities and institutes of United States , France, Germany and Hong Kong. Team has won the JiangsuScience and Technology Progress Award and presented at 8 International scientificconference. The discovery of molecular mechanism of MDR (completed 2012) was highlighted in"New Finding, Novel Drug Target” which reviewed by Faculty of 1000 Medicine;and translational medicine study of MDRwhich completed at 2014 was reported by Nature / SBeX. One paper has been selected as the first place (out of top 20) of the best paper in the field of pharmacology in 2012 by Bio-Medical Library (US) and the other paper was recommended as an important pharmacology research paper in 2014 by the World Biomedical Fronters.


(2) Rational design long-acting recombinant polypeptide / protein and druggability study

Aim to solve the poor druggability of most of recombinant peptide/protein, the team has become the first to developed a series of human albumin fused biological drugs to improve the half life and the stabilitywith the fundingsupport fromnational and provincial scientific research, andseries invention patents has been filled and some have successfully transferred to the domestic /international pharmaceutical companies, effectively promote the development of long-acting recombinantprotein drugs, a truly one stone two bird for innovation to give known drugs second life. Following the national strategic planing for major drug innovation, the team established the multi-technology platform for recombinant peptide / protein-human serum albumin fusion protein, humanized host engineered yeastproduction system, CHO high efficient expression system, to deal withincreasing endocrine, cardiovascular / cerebrovascular diseases and tumor. There are 15 patent applications and 5 have been authorized. More than 60 research articles have been published in national and international scientific journals.5 NDA have been filed and 3 have received approval letter from CFDA, One phase I and one phase II clinical trials has been completed separately. The research team cultivated the relationship with the local government, FDA office and pharmaceutical league to forgetight cooperations, provide services and make complement /improvement, verificationof national industry standards, promoting and lifting local R/D activity to next level.


(3) The design of biological pest control agent and green production processstudy

Aiming at the national strategic needs, to improve the agricultural ecological environment and improve the quality and safety of agricultural products, the team has initiated researchon development phytophtyora wettable powder, a biological pest control agent for treatment of sclerotinosis on economical crops, resulted first license for biological pest control agent granted by Ministry of Agriculture (PD20161253). Compared with the foreign monopoly products, it has a clear effect on control  sclerotinosis and a extra bonus, promoting growth of the crop, an advantage over foreign product. Plusit has a low cost for production and complete green manufacturing process, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture recognized as a breakthrough, one of the two agricultural biotechnology in 2014.



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