The Lab of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Materials has staff of 9, including 1 professors (Doctoral Advisors), 5 associate professors (3 Master Advisors). Research covers three main aspects, including structural modification of bioactive macromolecules, controlled drug delivery system, as well as tissue engineering based on natural biomaterials. The research outcomes have produced important impact in the related fields in domestic and overseas. In latest years, researchers in the Lab have published nearly 100 papers in the high level peer-reviewed international journals, have been awarded 1 international patent and 5 China patents.

The Lab of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Materials is undertaking or has completed a number of national and provincial research grants, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Grants of Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation, etc.. The Lab also has extensively academic communications with dozens of colleges or departments at the renowned universities such as Wuhan University, East China University of Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, University of North Carolina, Osaka University and KTH-Royal Institute of Technology. And the Lab has established research collaboration with famous international pharmaceutical companies such as Wuxi App Tec Co, Wuxi Beidi, and so on.

The Lab of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Materials possesses regular facilities for studies on biomacromolecules and DDS, including lyophilizer, high speed centrifuge, UV spectrometer, FTIR, GC-MS, HPLC, GPC - light scattering spectrometer, gel liquid chromatography, Zeta potential and nanoparticle size analyzer, PCR, thermostatic shaker, clean bench, protein nucleic acid electrophoresis apparatus, protein purification system, ultrasonic cleaning, drying oven, rotary evaporator and other commonly used instruments, etc.. 

The development objectives of the lab are to establish a top-class discipline to train the leading academic talents at levels of Bachelor, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy.


Jinghua Chen (Professor)

Jingxiao Chen (Associate Professor)

Lipeng Qiu (Associate Professor)

Shuqin Xu (Associate Professor)

Juan Zhou (Associate Researcher)

Huijie Zhang (Associate Professor)

Rui Wang (Laboratory Assistant)

Xiaoyu Xu (Laboratory Assistant)

Qian Ji (Laboratory Assistant)


Technical support: information construction and Management Center

Address: no. 1800, lihu avenue, wuxi, jiangsu, 214122


Contact number:0510-85913623,85913625