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School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS) in Jiangnan University is one of the primary bases for genius cultivating in the field of Bio-Pharmaceuticals in China. The major of Pharmaceutical Engineering delivered by SPS is the Developing Site of Characteristic Major of MOE, the Experimental Specialty of Excellent Engineers Training Program of MOE, the Key Construction Major of Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Engineering in Jiangsu Province and one of the bases for Electing of the candidates enter the “National Life Science and Technology Genius Cultivating Bases”. Delivering the Bachelor of Engineer in Pharmaceutical Engineering, Master of Pharmacy, Master of Engineer in Pharmaceutical Engineering, Doctor of Engineer in Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology, and Doctor of Engineer in Fermentation Engineering in the direction of Bio-Pharmaceutical Engineering, an entire cultivating system for genius of Pharmaceutical Engineering, including Bachelor, Master, Ph. D., as well as Post-Doctor has been built.

It possess abundant qualified lecturers, including the New Century Talents of MOE, the Young Talents with Outstanding Contributions of Jiangsu province, the "333" Program Talents of Jiangsu province, the Six Talent Summit Project talents of Jiangsu Province and the Innovation Project of Jiangsu province, forming a team with high standard, good quality and rational structure. There are 25 staffs. 92% of them are PhD and 80% of them possess the cross specialty background and/or the experiences studying (or working) oversea. Among them, there are 6 professors, 16 associated professors, Supervisor of PhD Candidates 3, and Supervisor of Master Candidates 12. Besides, more than 20 specialists and scholars, including the distinguished expert of “Thousand Talents Program of China”, the full professor of famous university oversea, “Taihu Lake Scholar”, as well as the technical director of famous pharmaceutical enterprises, are employed as part-time lecturers.

As the mainstay major for developing in Jiangsu Province during the period of “Twelve Program”, possessing high quality course system and text books, the major of Pharmaceutical Engineering of SPS was named by MOE as the characteristic major in 2009, and the base for cultivating of National Excellent Engineer in 2011. As the representative of Jiangnan University, for the first time, “Research and Development of the Major of Pharmaceutical Engineering Characterized by Bio-Pharmaceutical Engineering” program has acquired “the most important” education reform program in Jiangsu Province. And its “Pharmacology” was named as the elaborate course of Jiangsu Province in 2010. It has been evaluated as A grade major recently and ranked as the top 10% pharmaceutical engineering majors in China. 2 first award, 1 second award were won by our undergraduates on the 12th and 13th “Challenge Cup” National Competition of Extracurricular Academic Science & Technology Works Made by Undergraduate Students. Beside, the bronze award on the eighth “Challenge Cup” Competition of Business Plan Made by Undergraduate Students in Jiangsu Province and the first award on the first “Phoenix Dancing on Mountain Hui” Competition of Business Plan Made by Undergraduate Students in Wuxi City. Recently three years, the rate of graduate, degree receiver, as well as employment have been achieved 100%, 96% and 98%, respectively. The Post-graduate Enrollment Rate arise steadily year by year and 42% and 48% have been reached on 2011 and 2012. Those who look for their jobs are welcomed by employers and most of them can find their jobs in the famous pharmaceutical corporations or R&D institutes located on south east region of China.

With Strong scientific innovation capacity, recently three years, our staffs have undertaken or participated more 30 research projects, including the project from 973 program, 863 program, National Key Technology R&D program, Drug Discovery Initiative of National Major Technology Special Project, National NSF, Key Scientific and Technological Projects of Jiangsu Province, as well as some international cooperation projects. During this period, more than 20 research projects about biopharmaceuticals cooperated with pharmaceutical corporations have been finished, more than 200 articles have been published on national and international journals, including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, more than 100 Invention Patents have been applied and some of them have been awarded, 6 New Drug Developing projects have been accepted by SFDA and 3 of them have been proved. As the reward, 2 Provincial and Ministerial Level S&T Progress Award, 1 City Level S&T Progress Award and 1 honor of the name of Excellent Innovation Team in Jiangnan University obtained.

Currently possessing more than 5000 m2 academic, experimental as well as administrative facilities and related equipments and instructions totally worth more than 20 million RMB, it can deliver 173 experiments for 21 related courses. A few of R&D platforms, such as Biopharmaceutial Engineering Enlargement Technology and Business Incubation Platform in the Torch Program of MOST, Research Center of Process Engineering of Biopharmaceuticals in Jiangsu Province, Wuxi Common Platform for Bio-Pharmaceuticals Technical Service, have been built. And more than 20 training bases have been Cooperative constructed with famous pharmaceutical corporations such as Jinsili Group in Jiangsu Province, Huayu Pharmacy Co. Ltd.. besides, there are 4 scholarship and fellowship available for the undergraduate of SPS now.

Aim for the satisfied education service by society, with the subject construction as the leading role, based on the characteristics of biopharmaceutical engineering, emphasized on the quality of graduates, we will continue to move forward to be the top level institute in the field of pharmaceutical science of China with a high reputation.


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