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Undergraduate Program

I. Basic professional information

Discipline fields: Engineering

Subject code: 081302

Degree conferred: Bachelor of engineering

Standard length of schooling: Four years

Graduation credit requirements: 165

2. Training objectives

This major aims to cultivate students to master the basic theories and professional knowledge of pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering and related disciplines, and to have comprehensive application of theoretical knowledge and modern technology

Ability to analyze and solve practical engineering problems with tools, good innovation spirit, entrepreneurial consciousness and professional ethics, with certain organizational management

Ability of science, interpersonal communication, adaptive development and international communication, able to engage in technology development, manufacturing process and engineering in pharmaceutical engineering and related fields

Design, production management and service engineering and technical personnel.

3. Cultivation requirements

(1) Engineering knowledge: have the ability to apply mathematics, natural science, engineering foundation and professional knowledge to solve complex pharmaceutical engineering problems.

(2) Problem analysis: able to use the basic principles of mathematics, natural science and engineering science required by the work of pharmaceutical engineering major to identify, express and analyze complex pharmaceutical engineering problems through literature research, so as to obtain effective conclusions.

(3) Design/development solutions: capable of designing solutions to complex pharmaceutical engineering problems, designing pharmaceutical systems, units (components) or processes that meet specific needs, and reflecting the sense of innovation in the design process, considering social, health, safety, legal, cultural and environmental factors.

(4) Research: able to conduct research on complex pharmaceutical engineering problems based on scientific principles and using scientific methods, including designing experiments, analyzing and interpreting data, and obtaining reasonable and effective conclusions through information synthesis. (5) Use of modern tools: ability to develop, select, and use appropriate technology, resources, modern engineering tools, and information technology tools for complex pharmaceutical engineering problems, including prediction and simulation of complex pharmaceutical engineering problems, and to understand their limitations.

(6) Engineering and society: be able to make rational analysis based on engineering background knowledge, evaluate the impact of engineering practice in pharmaceutical engineering specialty and solutions to complex pharmaceutical engineering problems on society, health, safety, law and culture, and understand the responsibilities to be undertaken.

(7) Environment and sustainable development: ability to understand and evaluate the impact of specialized engineering practices on the environmental and social sustainability of complex pharmaceutical engineering problems.

(8) Professional standards: with good humanistic and social science literacy, strong sense of social responsibility, able to understand and abide by engineering professional ethics and norms in pharmaceutical engineering practice, and fulfill responsibilities.

(9) Individuals and teams: with certain organizational and management skills, expression skills and interpersonal skills, I am able to assume the roles of individuals, team members and leaders in a multi-disciplinary team.

(10) Communication: ability to effectively communicate and communicate with industry peers and the general public on complex pharmaceutical engineering issues, including writing reports and design scripts, making presentations, clearly expressing or responding to instructions.With a certain international vision, I can communicate and communicate in a cross-cultural context.

(11) Project management: understand and master the principles of pharmaceutical engineering management and economic decision-making methods, and can be applied in a multidisciplinary environment.

(12) Lifelong learning: with the awareness of independent learning and lifelong learning, and the ability of continuous learning and adaptive development.

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