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Graduate Program

Subject: medicine

First-level discipline code: 100700

First-level discipline name: pharmacy

1. Subject introduction

The first-level discipline of pharmacy belongs to the medical disciplines. Master’s degree in pharmacy covers pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical chemistry, microbiology and biochemical pharmacy, etc. Students will be awarded master’s degree in medicine upon graduation. After graduation, graduates are usually engaged in drug research and development, drug production and management in large enterprises, scientific research institutes and medical management institutions.

Based on the advantages and characteristics of biopharmaceuticals, Jiangnan University has developed into 5 disciplines of pharmacology, microbiology and biochemical pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis and pharmacy. Now there are 6 professors, 32 associate professors and 8 lecturers. Among the in-service professors, there are 5 doctoral supervisors and more than 25 master supervisors. In addition, 94 percent of the in-service teachers have a doctoral degree, and nearly 40 percent have more than one year of overseas study and work experience. School attaches great importance to medicine, cultivating and developing one improved pharmaceutical teaching and scientific research platform, built in Jiangsu province biological medicine manufacturing engineering technology research center, ministry of science and biomedical engineering amplification technology pilot and enterprise incubation platform, participated in the construction of national fermentation engineering technology research center and bioactive products processing engineering technology research center of Jiangsu province; The relatively stable research laboratories of drug design and molecular pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry and drug synthesis, drug analysis and activity evaluation, pharmacy and new pharmaceutical materials, biomedical engineering, and microbial pharmacy and engineering have been established.

2. Training objectives

2.1. Cultivate all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetics, adhere to the four basic principles, support the reform and opening policy, and cultivate versatile talents with high political, professional and comprehensive qualities.

2.2. Graduate students should be familiar with the frontier and trend of pharmaceutical research, master solid basic theories and systematic expertise in this discipline, have strong experimental operation ability, and have the ability to engage in scientific research or independently undertake specialized technical work.

2.3. Proficient in a foreign language, and can read the professional literature in foreign language, with a certain degree of foreign language writing and speaking ability.\

3. Research direction

3.1. Pharmaceutical chemistry: mainly including innovative drugs for major diseases, sugar pharmacology, biocatalysis synthesis of chiral drug intermediates, full synthesis of natural active substances, structural modification and activity, etc.;

3.2. Pharmacy: mainly including biopharmaceutics, pharmaceutical macromolecular materials, research on new pharmaceutical preparation technology, new pharmaceutical dosage forms and other research directions;

3.3. Pharmaceutical analysis: mainly including in vivo pharmaceutical analysis, metabolomics technology and its application in drug research, analysis of new technology and its application in drug analysis, Chinese medicine pharmacodynamic material basis and other research directions;

3.4. Microbiology and biochemical pharmacy: mainly including genetic engineering drugs, microbiology drugs and their pharmaceutical technology, biosynthesis and transformation of medicinal active substances and development of new drugs, pharmaceutical biochemistry, pharmaceutical molecular biology and other research directions;

3.5. Pharmacology: mainly including molecular pharmacology, macromolecular pharmacokinetics, drug molecular design, anti-tumor pharmacology, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pharmacology and other research directions.

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