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Doctor Program

Doctoral Training Program for Pharmaceutical Engineering

I. Basic professional information

Discipline fields: Engineering

Subject code: 0817Z1

Degree conferred: Doctor of engineering

2. Training objectives

1. They should have correct political orientation, abide by discipline and law, have good moral quality, academic accomplishment and cooperative spirit.

2. Understand the new progress of chemical engineering and technology research, systematically master the professional basic theoretical knowledge of pharmaceutical engineering research, and have the ability to engage in scientific research independently.

3. Doctoral dissertation should have important academic value and certain social significance, and must have innovation in a certain research direction in the field of this discipline.And make creative achievements in theory or engineering.

4. Proficient in a foreign language, able to read professional books, consult literature, and write abstracts of academic papers, and have the basic ability of international academic exchanges

3. Research direction

1. Biopharmaceuticals

2. Natural drug preparation

3. Chemical pharmacy

4. Period of schooling

The length of schooling for doctoral students is 4 years, with a minimum of 3 years in school and a maximum of 6 years in school.The length of schooling for PhD students (from the beginning of the doctoral study) is the same as that for ordinary PhD candidates. For details, please refer to the doctoral postgraduate training program of Jiangnan university.

5. Credit requirements

1. There are public courses, compulsory courses, degree courses and elective courses. The total credits of the four courses are no less than 18 credits, 4.5 credits of degree courses and 4.5 credits of compulsory courses.

2. The doctoral student that crosses major or admit with equivalent record of formal schooling must make up 3 ~ 4 master graduate student degree course, course is the same as adviser decide, do not count credit.

3. Reading report: under the guidance of the tutor, doctoral students should read a certain amount of literature, information and materials related to the major and research direction, and make academic reports for the teaching and research office (institute) for 4 times (including the proposal report), with 2 credits.The scores are scored collectively by the tutor's group.

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